SPOILER ALERT! This page contains lots of spoilers!

When does YU+ME update?

Every weekday (Monday-Friday) around midnight EST.

What is YU+ME about?

Fiona Thompson goes to Catholic high school. She doesn’t have much in the way of friends until she meets Lia, a new girl at school. The two begin a relationship. Meanwhile, the people in her life begin acting strangely, and her parents are hiding someone from her past from reaching her.

Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, she discovers that the past six months of her life were just a dream while she was in a coma. It’d be very cliche, if that was the end of the story.

But Fiona finds her way back into the Dream World, ruled by a mysterious girl called Sadako. Now she’s literally searching for the girl of her dreams.

What is Dream World time compared to Real World time?

One Real World day = 14 Dream World days. One Dream World year = 26 Real World days.

I made this to help (RWT = Real World Time; DWT = Dream World Time. 14 DW days = 1 RW day.):

Click to make them bigger.

Why does the art style change so much? Will you ever bring [insert style here] back?

The style changes as Fiona moves through the Dream World. Different dreamers see things in different ways, and their personalities determine what kind of art their dreams (or in the case of Dream Co employees, their apartments) is rendered in.

Also, I get bored, and like to change styles from time to time. So there’s that.

I liked the old storyline! Will it ever go back to the high school story?

How shall I put this? No.

But I don’t like the new storyline! You should listen to me because I’m a fan and without me, you have nothing! Change your story to suit my desires!

Do you seriously think I’m going to change the whole plot I’ve had scripted for six years just because a few random people told me to? Yeah, the new storyline is different, but if you want Part One back, there are plenty of other high school romance stories with lesbians out there on the web. Please stop asking me to change. Leave if you want to, but I’m telling the story that I want to.

The Characters (Part 1):

Fiona Thompson

She’d much rather sleep her life away than face the trials of real life and growing up. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, but those she does have, she’s very attached to.

Lia Riolo

The new girl at Fiona’s school, Lia has a way of making Fiona feel all hot and cold at the same time. Bubbly and energetic, but with a darker side that even Fiona hasn’t seen all of.

Fiona’s Conscience

The anthropomorphic personification of Fiona’s conscience, she speaks in a voice that cannot be ignored: the voice of a sassy black girl who ain’t gonna take no crap from you!

Jake Ford

The first gay person Fiona ever met, Jake is a little green ball of teenage angst. Constantly creating plans to get Fiona and Lia together (even after they’re together). Somewhat of a nerd.

Don Reynolds

Jake’s boyfriend, as calm and cool as Jake is not. Always dispensing sage-like advice. Changes his hair style and color every few days.

Sister Mary

The head nun at Fiona’s school. A hard-ass with a grudge against our heroine. A real stickler for traffic laws.


The queen of the bullies at Fiona’s school, she and Fiona used to be friends. She uses Fiona as a scapegoat for the trouble she causes at school.

Cassandra (Cass)

Sarah’s second in command, she doesn’t say much. She idolizes Sarah, and helps her with her mischief. Takes Catholicism more seriously than most.


The A/V club president, Fiona grudgingly made friends with him, and even more grudgingly agreed to date him. She broke his heart, and he’s been looking to get even.


Not much is known about her, and what her relation is to Lia. She isn’t very nice. Not at all.

Richard Gibson

Fiona’s godfather. A surprise visit from him brings a lot of old memories flooding back for Fiona. Some she might not have wanted to know.

The Characters (Part 2):

Fiona Thompson
Now back in the Dream World and looking for Lia. She disguises herself when she finds out she’s a wanted fugitive in the DW.
Fiona’s conscience has a name! And a strong love for Fiona that continued even after she was fired as Fiona’s official conscience.
Queen Sadako
The ruler of the Dream World since the 1800s (Real World time), she rules with an iron fist. Her past and origins are unknown.
Clandestine Jones
Once the conscience of someone else, Clandy hasn’t seen her human in centuries. Time has rendered her more or less insane, but sweet.
Lucy VanGough
Lucy played Sarah in Fiona’s coma dream. She’s an actress, and also a member of the DWLF, a group of rebels hoping to take down Queen Sadako.
Don Reynolds
More or less the same guy he was in Part 1, he pretty much played himself. Still a punk, still crazy hair, still wise.
Tarantula Velasquez
A member of the DWLF, he and the rest of the gang were supposed to journey with Fiona to find Lia, but they mysteriously disappeared shortly after meeting Fiona.
Lia’s Conscience?
A girl Mary met while on the set of Fiona’s coma dream, she claims to be Lia’s conscience. Was seen being threatened by Sadako.
No Face
A monster Fiona encounters shortly after getting back to the Dream World, he’s been tormenting her since she was a child.
The Baku
One of Sadako’s monsters, he eats dreams. It is rumored that he once used to be rather nice.

Who draws it?

My name is Megan Rose Gedris. If comic book artists had trading cards like athletes do, the front of mine would have a picture of a very pale girl with very red hair and very thick black glasses, and the back would have something like:
Birth date: June 12, 1986
Lives in: Michigan, USA
Draws: Right handed
Drawing comics since: Age ten
Drawing webcomics since: July 2002
Drawing YU+ME since: June 20, 2004
Day job: Graphic designer for a TV news program
Hobbies (besides comics): Cooking, reading, writing, music, board games

So are you a lesbian?

Yes. I started drawing lesbian webcomics after I got frustrated with the rareness that I ever saw people like me in comics.

Will you marry me? (An actual frequently asked question!)

No. Sorry. My girlfriend would not like that.

Can I at least watch you on your livejournal??

Yes. It is there for posting YU+ME news along with the occasional snippets of my personal life. If I didn’t want you to read it, I wouldn’t put it on the internet.

How do you draw it?

I pencil it on regular computer paper, trace it in regular ol’ ink pen, scan it, and color it with Paint Shop Pro 7. I have tried using Photoshop, but even though I’m good with it, I can’t get it to do what I want to do with YU+ME.

I have a Wacom Cintiq now. I draw right on the screen, and now I do use Photoshop. I use photos that I take with a digital camera, with my friend’s help.

Still have the Wacon Cintiq, but I don’t just use Photoshop anymore. I use ArtRage 3 a lot, and incorporate photos and scanned collage elements into it now. It’s constantly changing.

How did you learn to draw?

By doing nothing but practicing for years and years. I also read a lot of good comics that inspire me.

Where do you get the ideas for the story?

It started off based a lot on my experiences. No, I didn’t go to an ultra-conservative Catholic school (I actually went to an ultra-liberal school where everyone wanted to be gay). But like I said, it’s based off things that happened to me and some of my friends in high school. I did fall in love with my best friend in high school, and I did have a lot of secret relationships, and I do have a godfather who I haven’t seen since I was an infant. But then a lot of this is completely made up. The characters take on lives of their own and many characters, such as James, were completely unplanned for and were meant to be background characters who ended up being a lot more interesting than I intended.

Inspiration for Part Two: It actually didn’t come from reading Neil Gaiman’s Sadman, though I did read that later. So many stories (bad ones) end with “…and it was all a dream.” But I always wanted to know what would happen after that. How would this affect someone’s life. And, in the case of Fiona, it affected her so much she couldn’t let it go. I always imagined the Dream World as a sort of movie set, where everyone else knew they were acting but me.

Do you have any other work?

Yes. A whole bunch! Check out my main site for my other webcomics.

Mind if I draw some fan art?

Fan art tickles me to the very depths of my soul. Yes, you may absolutely draw me fan art. I’ll even put it on the site!

I drew some fan art. Why is it not up yet? You said you’d put it on your site!

I usually do it in bursts, and put five or six fanarts up at a time. I don’t know why I do that. But it’ll go up eventually, promise. If you have a deviantart account, it makes it easier. Just send me a link and I can add you to my favorites for all to see.

Can I use your work for avatars/myspace layouts/other things?

Avatars, no prob. Myspace layouts, shouldn’t be a problem so long as you credit me somehow with a link back. Other things… well that depends on what it is. I had one guy put Fiona and Lia as background characters in a scene in his comic. I was cool with it because he asked me. I had another guy write me to ask if I would provide him with a higher-resolution image of some art so he could put it on t-shirts and sell them. … No! So really, the best answer to this question is to ask me if you can use it.

Will you do a link trade with me?

I wish I could, really I do. Once upon a time, I tried to do this, but keeping up with all the links and trying to organize them and remembering to actually put them on just got out of hand, so now I only have links for things I read religiously and fanatically. Yours could end up being one of them, but no promises. Sorry.


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