Short Stories

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In addition to the long form comic series I’ve done, I’ve also done many short stories, both for the web (especially for Filthy Figments) and for print anthologies such as Smut Peddler, Food Porn, and Oath.


The Witch (Smut Peddler 2014)

An anthology of erotic comics created by women, published by Iron Circus Comics. In my story, The Witch, a virgin encounters a hungry witch. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


Electricity (SlipShine)

A post apocalyptic girl gang porno. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


Change of Plans (Filthy Figments)

Sofia has a date with Marten, but when he’s not interested, she’ll find fun somewhere else. First published in French in l’Immanquable Magazine. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


Dirty Deeds (Filthy Figments)

A burglar breaks into a pot farmer’s house. With the cops on both their heels, they need a sexy alibi. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


You Do Something To Me (Filthy Figments)

A tale of long distance love and voodoo. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


Object of Affection (Filthy Figments)

A sexy, feminist retelling of the Pygmalion myth. First published n French in l’Immanquable Magazine. NSFW 18+ Read it here.


Moral Dillema (Monster Anthology: Demon Edition)

The angel and the devil on Arthur’s shoulder get distracted while arguing for his soul. NSFW 18+. Get it here.


Skin (Monster Anthology: Demon Edition)

A couple of teenaged demon girls go to the mall to try on humans to possess. This is actually safe for readers 12+! Get it here.


Comic Stripper

My burlesque diary. NSFW 18+, but not porn. Just lotsa boobs. Read.


Tumblr Comics

I put a lot of short comics on tumblr. You can read them here.


Le Jardin

A 24 hour comic about love, obsession, and carnivorous plants. NSFW 18+. Read it here.