Mermaid Coloring Book

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Weird Mermaid Coloring Book Kickstarter Launch and Coloring Contest!

I’ve always loved drawing pictures of mermaids based on something other than a generic fish. Water is so full of life! Whales and turtles and alligators and nudibranches and rays and flounders and even tardigrades (hey, they live in the water!). So I finally got around to drawing 50 of these weird merfolk and I have combined them into a coloring book for your enjoyment! From now through May 26th, I’m kickstarting this so I can print it as nicely as possible.

Go back the kickstarter now!

You can also get other goodies from the kickstarter like enamel pins, and also you can get drawn as a weird mer person and included in the book! Wow! And there’s stretch goals for making the book even better, with more pages and some stickers included.