Other Comics

In addition to the 6 long form webcomic series I've done, there are oodles of shorter comics, too.

Comic Stripper

Diary comics from my time on the road with Super Happy Funtime Burlesque. I hope to make this its own series someday but for now, there's about 20-some pages. NSFW.

Sundry Tumblr Comics

Comics about any ol' thing, lots of autobio stuff.

Dirty Deeds

A thief and a marijuana grower create an erotic alibi. NSFW.

Smut Peddler

In my short story, "The Witch," a witch comes to town to gobble up virgins. NSFW.

Monster Anthology: Demon Edition

I have a short story in both the safe for work and the NSFW volumes.
In "Moral Dilemma" the NSFW story, a demon and angel fight for Arthur's soul, but they quickly get distracted.
In "Skins" the SFW story, two demon girls go to the mall and posess some people.

Change of Plans

Sofia's date with Marten doesn't go as planned, but luckily she's flexible. NSFW
Also available in French in issue 11 of L'Immanquable.

Le Jardin

A 24-hour comic about a gardener driven mad by his unfaithful wife. NSFW