Megan Rose Gedris

I draw and write this thing. I sort of went to school for art, but it was community college. I mostly taught myself. Making comics is my full time job. I live in Chicago.

My email address:

Some relevant links:

Rosalarian: my main website where there are lots of other comics and stuff.

My Personal Tumblr - feel free to follow me - where I post lots of stuff I find interesting, along with occasional essays about life, comicking, writing, bein’ a chick, bein’ a homo, and bein’ an artist.

My Twitter - feel free to follow me - where I post random thoughts I have during the day.

My Facebook Fan Page. There is also a fan page for Meaty Yogurt where you can interact with me and other fans.

Other comics by Megan Rose Gedris (many of them are NSFW):