Jackie Monroe
(Aliases include: Marilyn, Zoozoobella, Carmen)
Age: 27
She's as distractible as she is ambitious, so it kind of cancels out. Her tongue has a way of speaking on its own.
Saffron Reed
Age: 24
Jackie's roommate and best friend. She studied fashion, but now she's a waitress. Smells like Febreeze and cigarettes. Punk rock is her religion.
Tom Baker
Age: 30
Jackie's boyfriend. A cute(-ish) librarian. Both his dads were huge fans of Star Trek and passed their nerdiness to him. Sometimes he has a mustache.
Uncle Max
Jackie's uncle who taught her about the curse and tried to help her break it until he died. Grew up with a very hateful mother.
George Prynn
Age: 28
Jackie's high-school boyfriend (though he knew her as "Carmen") and her greatest rival. Like Jackie, he's trying to break Middleville's curse. He's very smarmy and full of himself.
Age: 26
Saffron's girlfriend. She wasn't born in Middleville, and doesn't have the curse to deal with. She is the most epic person Jackie has ever seen. The guitarist for a famous band called Flash Paper Virgins, she was raised on a reservation before becoming homeless.
Age: 28
Jackie's ex-roommate. They're still friends, sort of. Shanna is a huge stoner. She thinks of herself as a manic-pixie-dream-girl type, bringing excitement to people's lives, but she comes off as irritating instead.
Age: 31
Jackie's coworker at the newspaper, Slogar is a reporter. He speaks stunted English with a Bosnian accent. A happy-go-lucky kind of guy with a rich inner life few people notice.