Jackie and Saffron

Summary: Jackie Monroe’s town is cursed. Anyone born there will die there, and all the time in between is riddled with nothing but calm mediocrity. Jackie is determined to beat the curse and make something of herself, or as she puts it, “Live a life someone would want to read a book about.”

But Jackie’s impatience and easily distracted nature make it hard for her to get anywhere. One week she’s going to be an astronaut, one week she’s going to be a rock star, one week she’s going to be a politician. She’s been in college for ten years now, still with no clue what she wants to do. The story mostly focuses on her attempts to accomplish her crazy goals.

Her friends humor her. Saffron, her roommate, studied fashion design, but at 24, she’s already resigned to being a waitress for the rest of her life. Jackie’s boyfriend Tom is a librarian who is waiting for the day Jackie settles down and starts a family with him. Jackie’s family consists entirely of office workers.

And then there’s Moira, Saffron’ girlfriend. Moira was born far away and at 26, she’s already lived ten times as much as Jackie, and doesn't have the curse to contend with. She’s well on her way to becoming a rock legend, and Jackie is insanely jealous.

While Jackie spends her time trying to find some way to be awesome, she fails to notice all the interesting details around her, including some rather disturbing events that might actually make her special.

Why is it called Meaty Yogurt?

It was originally called "Mediocre", but I didn't want people to get the impression that I thought the comic was mediocre and I was doing some self-depreciation of it. I wanted to think of a different name that wasn't related to anything at all, and Brad Guigar said the word "mediocre" always sounded like "meaty yogurt" to him, and so the title was born.

When does it update?

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