For as long as I've been doing Meaty Yogurt, I haven't been able to figure out if I want to post this comic a page at a time or wait and post a whole chapter at a time. Yesterday, I finally realized, why not do both? So I'll continue posting pages here every Monday, and on Facebook, I'll post the entire chapter when I get done with it. So you can read it every week, and then see it all together here when it's done. How's that sound? I'm going to be uploading the already finished chapters into albums on the Meaty Yogurt page, and I've got a bunch of them up already. It's a nice smooth reading experience. You can move forward and back through the pages with the arrow keys, and it's a good way to catch up with the story. It still makes more sense when it's read a full chapter at a time.

So, go here and like the page and get full chapters in your feed.