When I first started doing this comic, the plan was to update it a chapter at a time about once a month. It's what I did for the first three chapters. It was working out well.

Somewhere along the line, folks convinced me to update once a week, that this would increase readership and make the comic better.

Except the pacing of the story is such that it makes more sense and is more entertaining when read in large chunks rather than spaced out. So readership fell. Dramatically. And my ability to make good pages fell. Dramatically. These were always supposed to be short stories in a series. Posting a couple pages per week makes as much sense as Lemony Snickett publishing a couple pages of A Series of Unfortunate Events per week rather than doing it every time he finished a whole book. I know most webcomics update page-by-page, but it's not working for this one.

There are lots of ways to follow this comic and be alerted right when it updates, so you don't even have to keep visiting to see if there's an update. There's also a status bar below the comic that gives an estimation of when the next chapter will be ready.

I know some of you are gonna hate this, and I'm gonna be sad to see you go. I hope most of you stick around because these comics are gonna be a lot better in the future, though less frequent. Thanks for understanding.