I got an opportunity this week to be in an indie zombie film that was being shot in the woods about an hour away from my house... in a town called Middleville. I did not know this movie existed before I wrote this past chapter. It's creepy how much real life imitates art. I decided not to do it, not wanting to become a Mary Sue to a fictional character. Also because I was afraid my girlfriend would suddenly find out she was adopted.

Anyway, with regards to today's actual comic (does it still count as a comic if it's just one panel? I suppose it does), there's this weird idea that artists aren't true artists if having an audience is important to them, which is just snobbery (and probably a big dose of jealously). I loooooove drawing comics, but it's definitely more fun when I know people are actually reading them. Never feel like you're not a "true" artist/actor/writer/comedian/stripper/etc. because you want as much of an audience as possible!