Tequila Tiiiiiime
Tequila Tiiiiiime

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  1. JfC

    I’d like to be mature about this and realize a comic as sequential as this is probably better read in chapters at a time, but spending my unemployed days reading webcomics has destroyed my impulse control. Also your girlfriend is silly, this is as interesting as ever.

  2. Sarah

    Apparently you don’t think they’re very interesting as stand alone, but I quite enjoy them as they are. You’re the boss, though :)

    • Megan Gedris
      Megan Gedris

      I think they’re interesting as a whole, but not enough for being the only page for a week.

  3. Michelle

    I actually think Jackie seems like an asshole… Saffron is clearly very busy and Jackie is making no effort to help whatsoever. She seems to take advantage of Saffron a lot, for instance in the punk rock chapter when she expected her to take the time to make outfits without any reimbursment!
    I don’t see Saffron as in the wrong at all here

  4. Sam

    I love this comic! I absolutely adore Jackie! I’ve been a devout reader since day one, especially after Yu+Me ended (absolutely amazing btw; I even got my husband to read it all in one sitting and he normally doesn’t care for webcomics). I look forward to the update every Monday! It’s what gets me up in the morning! I agree with JfC, your girlfriend is just silly. ^.^

  5. Lu

    Wait, Saffron seems like an asshole? I’ve wanted to slap Jackie the last couple of pages. I mean, I’m kind of lazy and annoying when under pressure, too, but letting your roommate do all the housework and neglect your pet are really not OK.

    • Megan Gedris
      Megan Gedris

      It’s Saffron’s cat and Saffron’s laundry, though.

  6. Kivitasku

    I’d say Jackie comes off as the asshole here!

    • Megan Gedris
      Megan Gedris

      Everyone is an asshole.

  7. Lu

    Hm, Ok then.
    When my ex left me, it was the week where I was supposed to do the housework (my roommates and I took weekly turns cleaning our huge appartment… no woder it never worked), I just curled up in a ball in my room and didnt do it… that was kinda assholeish, too, but they never called me out on it (probably because our breakup was audible all over the house).

  8. Jessica

    Unrelated, but my favorite part of this page is how Jackie’s boobs rest on the bar while she’s sitting there. I always rest mine on the table and I never realize I’m doing it until somebody points it out. They’re heavy!

    • Megan Gedris
      Megan Gedris

      That kind of comment is always related.

  9. Dotcom

    Oh, it’s *that* guy. This will only end badly.

  10. CourtneyD

    Weird question. Is Jackie’s ex black or does he just have an awful spray-tan? The coloring of the comic makes it difficult to tell. I think the latter would make him seem more like a total douche-nozzle than the former obviously.

    Saffron’s cat? I thought Mr. Feet was THEIR cat. Jackie *is* kind of a total bitch. I like her character that way, though as I think I mentioned before. It is fun to have a less-than-perfect lead character. Saffron is not in the wrong for not wanting to take care of Jackie through EVERY ONE of her pity parties.

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