That was great

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  1. Malexhe

    Is it a bad thing that I fangirl squeeled when I saw that this comic was finally up?

    • admin
      Megan Gedris

      It’s not up-up yet. I’m just getting things ready for when it does go up, so you guys get to see the first couple pages.

  2. Kschenke

    Yay skinny guy w/ a curvy real girl. LOVE IT ALREADY.

  3. Lulu

    Is this like a redo of mediocre?

    • Megan Gedris
      Megan Gedris

      Sort of. The old pages were just me testing things out.

  4. Jaeardyn

    Love her glasses. Reminds me of mine. :P
    Keep up the good work – I love your comics!

  5. CourtneyD

    I love how it began with an orgasm. XD

    I also like that the main character is a big girl. HOT.

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