Susan Bell was just an ordinary Earth girl, until she's whisked away one night by lesbian pirates from outer space. Led by Captain Janet, they insist that Susie is their long lost princess, who was stolen from the queen of planet Lesbos-1 when she was a baby, and they're going to bring her home. On the way, they rob a bank, and catch the interest of an incompetent superhero, crash land on a planet of hulking beasts, enter a space race, find romance, and nearly go to jail. Then their trek truly becomes an odyssey as they encounter cannibals, witches, gods, and sirens on the way home. Then they must fight the leader of the Intergalactic Justice Force who threatens to take down everything the pirates of Lesbos-1 hold dear: freedom and love.

I worked on this comic from 2006-2013. It ran for 18 issues. Unfortunately, I sold it to Platinum Studios in 2006. I eventually realized I couldn't continue to work on a series that, while I had complete creative freedom over it, was owned by an unethical company. I took it down on November 6th, 2013 rather than let my work be used for their publicity. I would love to someday get the rights back and put this comic back up on the web. I don't know that it'll ever happen.

Thank you to the Hiveworks group, who helped me with this comic for a time and tried their best to help me get my comic back and build it up into something awesome. Thank you to everyone who read it over the years and gave me feedback and love and fanart and support. You are all fantastic.

I did not waste any time working on this comic, because even though it didn't last forever, I learned so much about the entire process of making comics, and every comic after this will be all the better for it.

For now, in true pirate fashion, there are torrents floating around the web on places like Pirate Bay. I like the thought that this comic is in the hands of fans now.

More on why this comic is gone, a cautionary tale.

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