About Megan Rose Gedris

She draws webcomics. Lots of webcomics.
They are called: I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space!!!; Meaty Yogurt; Eat Me; YU+ME: dream; Darlin' It's Betta Down Where It's Wetta; Le Jardin.
She also draws lots of short comics on tumblr which can be read here.
If you're here, you probably already know all that.
She is a burlesque performer who travels the country with Super Happy Funtime Burlesque under the name Florence of Alabia.
She is 27 years old and lives in Michigan, USA.
In 2009, her readers' contributions helped her buy a house. In 2011, it accidentally burned down. It has since been rebuilt, and she promises to never let it happen again.
In her spare time, she likes to sew frilly clothing, craft, garden (horribly; everything dies), do stand up comedy, perform, eat fancy cheese, watch sci-fi TV shows, think about mermaids
She won an Emmy in 2011 for some commercials she hand-drew and animated.
The statue makes a formidable weapon, but it requires special proficiency.
She went to community college because she believes the higher education system is too out of whack to pursue a bachelor's degree, and anyway you can learn art on your own, it's not like a medical degree. So don't go to university if you don't want to, kiddos!

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