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About Rosalarian

Rosalarian is the pen name of Megan Rose Gedris, a comic artist and writer based in Chicago, IL. She likes sparkly things, tea, mermaids, pizza, gin, shoes, cheese, lace, and kittens. Her favorite color is all of the colors!

Her work primarily focuses on women and queer people, with themes of adventure, surrealism, relationships, and humor. Since becoming a member of when it launched in 2010, Rosalarian has produced a large amount of erotic work, and enjoys creating sex positive smut. She enjoys experimenting with different styles and media for each new work.

An avid seamstress, Rosalarian began designing her own fabric, and has several of her designs available for purchase. Themes include mermaids, Cthulhu, flowers, and food.

When not making comics, she performs burlesque as Florence of A'Labia, singing and dancing and telling raunchy stories. She creates all her own costumes.

She travels extensively, both for comics and performance. To book her for either, please contact megan at rosalarian dot com.

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spectacle cover small

Biggest, giantest, most amazing news! NEW COMIC ANNOUNCEMENT!

I can FINALLY share this with everybody! I’ve been working on a new comic with Oni Press. For over two years I’ve been doing the preproduction and then production of this new series called Spectacle! It was finally announced today at C2E2! Pragmatic engineer Anna works as a psychic in the Samson Brothers Circus, but she doesn’t […]


New Watercolor Textures!

28 stock watercolor splotches to give texture to your artwork. All images at 600 dpi, both jpg and psd formats. A rainbow of color schemes that can be used alone or remixed together. Try using multiply, screen, and overlay to let your artwork shine through the textures. Released under a Creative Commons license, you can […]


Interview with The Mary Sue

Meet the Women on the Front Lines of Comics’ Queer Revolution I’m queer. I know a bunch of other queer people. We all have interesting stories that haven’t been told time and time again. I’m a storyteller, doing my best to create interesting characters who aren’t just recycled from worn out archetypes.